Uploading a flu vaccination

Pre booking a visitor:
If the visitor has entered in a mobile number, they will have the option to upload a record of their flu vaccination which will be stored against their number so they won't have to provide it on each visit.

Upon selecting 'Upload File', a prompt will appear to upload a file. If using a mobile phone or tablet, there will also be an option to take a photo using the camera. If taking a photo, you can approve the image, or retake it if you choose to do so.

This step can be skipped, however that means they will need to provide this documentation upon arrival for the booking when signing in through the Zipline tablet.

Booking a visitor on site:
To upload a flu vaccination through the management portal on behalf of the visitor, please follow the below steps:

  • Select Vaccinated
  • Enter the evidence type (GP certificate, pharmacist note, immunisation record etc)
  • Press upload and attach the file from your computer
  • Enter in the date the vaccination occurred (done to keep track of the expiration date)
  • Enter in the date this was validated by staff
  • Enter in the name of the staff who validated the evidence
  • Save

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