How to pre-book in a visitor

Here is the information needed on how to make an advance booking for a visitor:

  • In your browser - head to the visitor booking link:
  • Enter in the visitors mobile number (if they do not have a mobile, they can use a landline number with these steps here)
  • Select the location and area within the facility if applicable

  • Answer the screening questions

  • Enter in the first and last name of the resident being visited (click here if visiting more than one resident)
  • Select how many visitors there are (click here for more information on making a booking with multiple visitors)
  • Choose the date of the visit (you will only be able to choose future dates)
  • Select the length of the visit. This will determine which times are available to book
  • Confirm the time of the booking
  • Enter in the first and last name of the visitor
  • Upload the flu vaccination and enter the date it was completed on (if skipping this step, click here)
  • Confirm the booking

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